NCSU Genetic Pest Management

Marce Lorenzen

1566 Thomas Hall
Phone: 919-513-7857

Assistant Professor of Entomology

My lab is interested in understanding how Medea, a unique class of maternal-effect selfish genes found in flour beetles, gains an advantage over its wild-type counterpart. Each Medea allele is bifunctional, encoding both a maternally loaded “poison” and a zygoticly expressed “antidote”. These properties favor the transmission of the M allele to subsequent generations at the expense of the non-M allele, and account for their “selfish” behavior. Elucidating the molecular mechanism responsible for this selfish behavior may facilitate the development of new gene-drive systems for pushing desirable traits into arthropod populations. My lab is also developing non-traditional transgenic technologies that are expected to make germline transformation feasible in a wider-range of pest species.

Posted in: Faculty, Molecular Biology

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